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Davey B. Gravey thinks there's something awry with the modern movie-watching experience. Viewers are too out-of-touch with films; we sit too far away from them in theaters, don't truly listen to the soundtrack or connect with the actors. Gravey's Denver-based Tiny Cinema -a trailer on wheels, essentially - drives around Colorado playing short silent films on Super 8 for adventurous passersby. - Appeared on

EnduroCross is a hybrid sport, mixing off-road racing with super-cross style obstacles, like hills, water and rocks. We met Destry Abbot, a professional EnduroCross racer for 26 years who's faced obstacles both personal and on the track. - Appeared on

Some say baseball is America's pastime, but we respectfully disagree: In the land of stars and stripes, pro wrestling is, in fact, king. Based out of Arvada, Rocky Mountain Pro is a one-stop shop for aspiring professional wrestlers; the school teaches wrestling, through its Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy, and helps students navigate the business end of the industry. - Appeared on